Friday, November 20, 2009

F650GS Instructional DVD

Hubby and I just watched this DVD. I picked it up from the library through InterLibrary Loan. This might be a very nice Xmas present for some of us. It was fun to watch and informative too. Since my GS is brand new, I haven't even thought of any maintenance issues yet, let alone, do it yourself ones. But, that time will come. The DVD is available through many of your favorite online stores like Amazon and also many motorcycle specific ones like Touratech, Whitehorse, etc.

Haven't been riding much myself. Was away for a week on vacation and now it's cold and a bit icy in the mornings. Really cold. Below freezing cold in the mornings and dark to boot. Dark when I leave work too. Bums me out big time. Maybe this weekend I'll get to ride in the warmth of the early afternoon. That would be nice.

Hubby ordered a new windshield for me for my birthday. We're just waiting for it to arrive. One of us is waiting patiently. The other, not so much. (Yeah, that would be me.) :-)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Books

I forgot to make this post. I won a new book and picked up a couple more along with it. (Thanks tbolt!) More Proficient Motorcycling was my prize. The other two are about 4WD and ATV trails in Colorado. And I also picked up this nice map of the Boulder area. I so cannot wait for spring and summer! Woot!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Riding home in the dark

Well, the time has fallen back an hour, so I am now riding home in the dark. Today, I left work a bit later in order to miss the traffic (and make up some time). So, I wore my new Olympia hi-viz vest over my Airglide hi-viz jacket. Over kill? I wore it to add more reflectivity to myself since it is dark out. It's actually pretty cold now so I'll probably wear my Tourmaster non-mesh jacket from now on. Which is why I bought the vest. That jacket is silver.

Let the sun shine!

After the snow last week, it's just about all melted! Yay! Back on the GS for the commute. Parking services plows the parking lot into the moto parking spaces so this is what we have to deal with...