Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Choice of Vehicles

The other day I had a choice. The weather has been chilly but sunny. I've been driving my new Forester to work nearly every day since I bought it. I even bought a parking pass to be able to park on campus. But, I started thinking about the moto again. It sure had been a while since I'd fired up the GS. So, last Monday, I rode the moto to work.

It used to be, before I had the Forester... and I say "I" not "we" because my husband also refers to it as my car. Anyway, before I had the Forester, my winter daily driver was the Honda Civic shown above. I bought that car new and it was only the 2nd car I'd ever owned. It's a small car and served my needs well. Then I became a motorcyclist and for the past 6 years or so, the motorcycle was my main commuter vehicle. First it was the Rebel and now the GS. When I got the GS, I actually felt safer in some ways on the moto than I did in my Civic. I felt like I could see better because I sat higher, I could accelerate quicker, and I'd taken several moto classes providing me with some tools for the road. My gear was comfy too.

Then we got the Subaru. I've driven it for about a month. It has 2700 miles on it. It's really really smooth to drive, accelerates nicely, provides a commanding view of the road, and is very comfy too.

On Monday, I geared up for my first ride in about a month. Muscle memory remained but I'd forgotten how long it takes to gather everything and put it on. I checked the tire pressure and adjusted it accordingly. The GS fired right up of course. As I headed down the driveway, I suddenly felt very small. It was a weird feeling. I didn't necessarily feel vulnerable, just small. I felt very aware of my riding position, where my knees were, feet were, etc. By the time I got to work, I felt better but for the first time I thought... maybe I need a bigger GS....

I haven't told my husband about that yet. ;-)