Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back in the saddle again....

Yesterday I was able to commute to work on the GS. No one told me it was going to be so windy. I rode to Boulder in the morning and worked until about noon. Then I rode down to Castle Rock, about an hour all highway, for a meeting. it was really flippin' windy and I wasn't expecting that at all. I don't mind the wind so much. It's the debris that I hate. It was like a spoof of a horror movie where all the stereotypical things happen and then more outrageous things start happening just to be silly. First there was gusty wind, then dust, then dirt from construction areas, then paper trash like fast food bags and cups and then pizza boxes. Then there were leaves, sticks and tumble weeds. And of course the random pieces of large plastic caught on fence lines blowing in the 40 MPH winds (or whatever they were). And then it seemed every odd type of vehicle with various potentially dangerous objects inside just waiting to blow into my path - pick up trucks with furniture precariously tied down, trash trucks with crap blowing out the back, dump trucks with tarps flapping out the back. You name it, I saw it yesterday. Luckily, none of those items ever touched me or the bike, except for the dirt and dust of course. (I think I need a new helmet. This one lets in too much wind.)

Hubby was returning home from Colorado Springs so called to see if he could follow me home. He said they were talking about hurricane force winds. It was nice to have him follow me although I did lose him on the highway. I wasn't even going that fast. ;-) It was gusty but not too unbearable. A relaxed but firm hold on the grips seemed to work well. And leaning when the gusts came.

While at my meeting at the library in Castle Rock, I found this book for $1 in their used book store. :-)

On Saturday, my lovely hubby and I took a short ride to Golden and had lunch. Ahhhh... that was a nice time as it always is. He kept his bike on the battery tender all winter (unlike moi) so it started right up. My bike has been charged and is running great. But, I think we killed the clock and trip odometer in the process of jumping it. We are still looking into that.

This weekend we also decided on our next moto road trip. We always try to go somewhere neither of us have been. This time we are planning to stay in Colorado. I'll have a separate blog post about it later when I have time to do it up correctly with pictures and links and all that. In the meantime, feel free to try to guess the location. :-)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring time!

Yep. That's me. In my office. Wearing my motorcycle jacket. :-)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Dead Battery

Well, it was bound to happen I suppose. I decided to ride to work today. My mom and aunt decided against getting up early to come to work with me so they could spend the day at the mall. That opened the door to commuting by GS! My lovely hubby even did me the favor of checking and correcting my tire pressure last night. This morning I got geared up and walked out to the garage to back the bike out. Wait a minute I thought. I should really check to see if it'll start before I push it out. Sad, sad moto noises when I turned the key. :-(

Oh well. I wasn't too surprised. I hadn't ridden since I bought the car (except that one time) which was in October. That's 4 months of sitting over the winter. Sad, sad moto. :-(

The good news is, I get to buy my own battery tender! Hubby has his bike plugged into his battery tender. Maybe I'll stop at MotoGear Outlet on my way home from work. The forecast for the next week is showing 70 degrees mild and sunny. Woo hoo!!

Rock on my friends!!