Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring-like weather!

Woo hoo!! This week should be a fabulous week for riding! Low 60s for the high temps. Still quite chilly in the morning but I can handle that. Just means I'll actually go to work and be less likely to play hooky. Well, we'll see...

On my way home today I stopped at the pull out where I took the blog photo. I took this shot with my iPhone Gorrilacam app. It has a timer and also a setting for multiple shots. I set it to take three photos using the timer so I could run to my bike and hop on. Came out pretty ok. :-)

After I shot a few photos, I rode some laps in the dirt. It's a fairly large area with some different terrain - ruts, rocks, soft spots, etc. It was pretty fun. I practiced making the bike swerve by shifting my weight while standing on the pegs.

I've got three meetings tomorrow but my one meeting on Wednesday was canceled. Maybe I'll play hooky on Wednesday. :-)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Medicine Ball Moto Workout

I've been doing this fitness boot camp since April of last year. I didn't join for any motorcycling reasons but I've certainly benefited from the workouts when I'm on the bike. Today, while searching for the proper name of a particular exercise, I found this link: I think it would be a fabulous motorcycling workout. And all you need is a medicine ball. You don't even need a lot of room. You could even do it in your living room while watching tv. I like doing exercises with the medicine ball because it also improves my grip strength. I use an 8lb ball at home and either the 8lb or 6lb ball at boot camp depending on the exercise and who my partner is at the time.

Ride safe!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snowy and Freezing

I haven't been riding all this month! Wow! The weather has been, well, very winter like. What's up with that? I know we shouldn't complain, since it is February, but, I do. Grrrrrrr!  Should be in the 50s this weekend and for the start of next week. Maybe I'll get a ride in then. It's below freezing now but the sun is shinning brightly and the roads are a lot better this afternoon than they were this morning when I tried to drive to work. I actually turned around. I just had this horrible feeling that I wasn't going to make it to work. I was either going to get stuck trying to get up the hill or be run off the road. And neither sounded appealing. My warm house sounded much better. And as my previous supervisor used to tell us - it ain't brain surgery. I'm not saving lives in my working life as an archivist and librarian. So, I called in for unsafe driving conditions. Day 2. Ugh. Last week was similar but much colder. We nearly  had a frozen pipe incident but luckily I was home and caught it in time.

I miss my GS..... I actually went into the garage this morning to say hello to it. It's cold in the garage.