Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Warm weather is surely on the way!!

I just received my pair of Hippo Hands in the mail yesterday. Warm weather is surely on the way now! In fact, this morning, it was too warm to try them out and I didn't even need my grip warmers for most of the trip. So, I suppose the review may have to wait. They are a bit oddly sized it seems to me, but that's the way they are designed. I went home sick yesterday so luckily was home when the mailman arrived. But, I also didn't get to try them out. Oh well.

I did manage to ride to work almost every day last week. Didn't ride on Friday because I had some place to be and needed to be there in the car. It was glorious to be out again!

On Saturday, while hubby worked on replacing his tires on the GL650, I did a short ride to Boulder to try out a new app on my new iPhone. There is an app called iMapMyRide that is for bicyclists to track their routes, mph, and time. I was hoping it would work to map my routes as I some times have a hard time keeping track of where I travel exactly. It didn't work. But, I think I'll try it again and do some fiddling with where I store the phone. I went to Boulder because of the phone actually. I needed to have the AT&T store submit some proof of employment so I could get my discount on my plan. I also went to Whole Foods to have a snack for lunch. After that, I realized that one of the nice things about traveling solo is that it takes me so long to get geared up again. My hubby is often waiting for me when we ride together. I like to take my time, gather my things and my thoughts, and then get going. Not that he ever makes me rush. But, I am quite slow. So, it is nice some times to just be on my own. :-)

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