Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!

Dear readers and riders,

I know, I really should blog more. I should also really be riding more. This week was a full week of dry clear roads. Unfortunately, I was sick with the crud all week and didn't ride. Snow is coming tomorrow night. What can you do? I am hoping to use this non-riding time to catch up on some older blog posts. I just sort of fell off the wagon I suppose. :-/

I have been blogging about my running though. So, I'm not such a terrible blogger I suppose. :-)

Ride safely my virtual friends!


  1. Happy New Year! And I've been following your running blog. Thank you for getting me started on with your widgets. It's much better than the Nike+ site for tracking exercise activities.

    Hope you feel better soon, the cough and cold seem to drag on...

  2. Love your bike? I am loving mine, such a great we bike, I won't to hear of some adventures.

  3. Sick with the crud? I thought my mom was the only one who used that term, lol.

    Hope you are feeling better and your weather is such you can get out and ride soon.

    Happy New Year to you.

  4. Thanks Richard and thanks for continuing to read my blogs. I am still kicking myself for not making time to meet you when I was in Fairbanks. But, that gives me even more reason to make another trip! :-)

  5. @Raftnn - I do love my bike! There are a couple of adventures posted here. I need to finish the write up about the last one. I'll be doing that soon hopefully.

    @Trobairitz - Thanks and happy new year to you too! :-)

  6. Happy New Year. Blogging does seem to have its cycles. No pun was intended. Sorry you are under the weather, but glad you sound well.

    May 2012 be a wonderful year for you.