Friday, July 6, 2012


My (step) granddaughter, Ava Nicole, born 13 June 2012.

Her birth day:

Granny (that's me!) holding Ava for the very first time. Love at first sight.

Grandpa (my hubby) holds his first grand child for the first time. It was as though nothing else existed in the world. :-)

I won the baby pool!!

Cutest. Baby. Ever.

First trip to the bookstore! Gotta start them early. :-)

Paw Paw (what I call him) trimming Ava's nails.


Snuggled in great grandma's arms. 

When hubby holds this baby, nothing else matters.


  1. Cute as a button!

    She will keep everyone busy and on their toes.

  2. We just got to visit with her again today. And, I might get to babysit while her parents go to a movie on Monday! :-)