Thursday, January 17, 2013

Making Plans

This week I learned that my job is secure for another 6 months beyond the last 6 months. At full time, same salary. That gets me through the end of September (the Federal fiscal year). Great news! When I shared that with the hubby via email he replied, "Was thinking this morning about our anniversary trip – shall we finally do southern Utah – Bryce, and the like?"


I'm usually the one planning well ahead like that. But, the job situation has me thinking much shorter term lately. It was a nice reminder of the fun we have to look forward to! Yay!

I'll be checking out some library books this weekend so we can see what our options are. He's been to Canyonlands and Arches. I've never been to any Utah parks. Our only rule is to go somewhere we've never been before. I'm thinking Bryce would be a good choice. We will need to decide if we want to see as much as we can or pick a place and see as much of it as we can. So much to see and do! I'm excited! I love planning stuff!

And here is a little break for your day. My granddaughter, New Year's, laughing at her grandpa. Enjoy! She's 7 months old now and has figured out how to move around the floor. Not quite a crawl but more like a seal. But, we've begun to be much more aware of things that shouldn't be on the floor. 


  1. The six months at a time thing is kind of a pain but continued funding is a good thing. I have a contract and they seem to be having a hard time figuring out what to do long term and go 3 mon, 6 mon, 3 mon. Now they ate willing to do 1yr but still no long term plans.

    Utah bike trip sounds wonderful. The natl parks there are some of my favorite.

  2. Hooray for gainful employment. I am glad it was extended and you can proceed on planning the anniversary trip.

    I like the idea of a trip to somewhere you've never been every year. I may have to suggest it to hubby since our anniversary is in August.

    Thanks for the video of your granddaughter. It made me smile.

  3. Southern Utah sounds excellent. Such wonderful things to see and do there. Maybe could do a mix and stay one place for a couple days, then move on to another for a couple days?

  4. Allaina:

    You'll love Canyonlands and Arches. I loved Moab . Look into the Pink Jeep tours. That's what I want to do the next time. You can take a tour or rent a specially prepared 4X4 jeep and drive into the Canyon yourselves

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. Congratulations. Six months is six months. Have fun planning. There are people who I swear enjoy the planning as much, maybe more than the doing.