Friday, July 5, 2013

Our Summer Wedding

It seemed like a good idea at the time... When we chose a date for our wedding, we decided on summer because most of the other things we celebrate are in the winter. Most of our birthdays are in November, then there's all the holidays that month and in December. And, since it was 2007, we thought getting married in the 7th month on the 27th day would help us to remember the date. Yes, that's a true statement. That plan was mostly for my benefit. But, guess what. It's freakin' hot at the end of July. So, we are considering driving rather than riding the motos for this next anniversary road trip.

The hubby suffers greatly in the heat. I do as well but I seem to be able to recover in the evenings. He's just always overheated it seems. We are thinking we'd enjoy hiking around the park and also driving there in 8 hours, if we are shuttling ourselves in air conditioned comfort. The funny thing is, I think we both thought of this idea simultaneously. So, there was not much discussion or even regret. Last night we thought we could take a motorcycle trip in the fall instead. Perhaps a nice fall ride to Steamboat Springs to see the changing leaves.

Truth is, we aren't getting any younger. We don't have anything to prove on these rides. The idea has always been to visit some place neither of have been before. We can accomplish that in the car or on the bikes. Perhaps this will spark some discussion of why we need a couple of 250cc dual sports to haul with us on these trips. I've seen a couple of these around town a lot lately. ;-)


  1. You may be forced to spend all anniversaries visiting coastal areas around the world…

  2. Nothing wrong with taking the Subaru. We find ourselves doing it more often. You can cover a lot more ground in comfort that you can on the bikes, especially in hot weather.

    Those DR200's are nice little dual sports. Light and fun to ride, we see a few around here too.