Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Commuting again!

I've been commuting again! Even though I've taken the interstate both days this week, it's been nice to be back in the saddle again. If I leave early enough the stop and go traffic is more go than stop. The mornings are nice and cool. In fact, this morning I put on a vest beneath my mesh jacket to keep the chill at bay. Fall is definitely in the air, in the mornings anyway. Still quite hot during the day and early evenings.

Yesterday, my gas light came on much sooner than I thought it should. The traffic on the commute probably contributes to that. And, I also try to keep the rpms up in an attempt to keep the bike from stalling. It's been much better now that I don't touch the throttle when I start it. That seems to be the fix that the hubby found online. Apparently it's a thing with the 2009 G650GS. Computer glitch. I also noticed that one of my dash lights is out. I should get that fixed.

24,678 miles are on the bike. Doesn't seem like that many to me. I need more road trips. :-)


  1. I bet it feels good to be out on the bike. Something tells me it is hard to stop and work though and not just keep going.

  2. Commuting isn't usually in the "fun" category but still it's better on the motorcycle. Especially if you can find a nice scenic route home. Helps to clear out the cobwebs that "work" seems to produce.

    Today, I had to use the heated grips as it was below freezing. It's getting to be that time of year.