Friday, October 9, 2009

Wolfman tank bag and tank saddle bags

Bought these at MotoGear Outlet during their end of summer sale. There was a Wolfman rep there selling some seconds. I'm pretty happy with them although, they don't really keep rain out at all. The bike sat in the parking lot at work during a steady but not heavy rain and water got inside. Then I rode home in the rain. It was hard to tell if more water got in during the ride, or how much more, since things were already wet. They also do a decent job (the saddle bags anyway) of keeping water inside. Several days later, when I went to check on some stuff in the saddle bags, there was still water sitting in the bottom of the bags. I had to take my rain jacket out to let it dry. (I didn't wear it on the rainy ride home.) Oh well. The price was right and they do keep my stuff handy. I just have to remember to put things inside ziplock bags in the future.

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