Thursday, December 16, 2010

Motor Cycle Only

That about sums it up. :-)


  1. It took me a while to connect the title with the photo. Nice looking bike...


  2. Nice pic and great looking bike.

    How well do you like/love your 650gs? And what helped you choose it over another bike? I am in the process of upgrading and can use all the advice and experience I can get.

    Happy riding!

  3. @Richard - thanks, as always, for the compliments on the bike. :-)

    @Trobairitz - thanks for reading my blog! I don't like my 650GS, I LOVE IT! Prior to the GS I rode a 450 Honda Rebel, which I also was in love with and thought I'd keep forever. But, after about 15,000 miles on the Rebel, I started looking at other options. I really wanted something new. (The 450 was an 86 and while bullet proof, it had it's maintenance issues.) It was a very short list for me. I liked the newer old Honda Magna motos for sure. But, I had this idea, living in Colorado, I might want to hit the dirt some time. So, the 650GS was the perfect option for me. My main riding is commuting to work about 50 miles RT each day. So, the 650GS was a good choice for putting lots of miles on a bike. My sister-in-law had one and let me ride it and it was so comfortable. I test rode one at an event here too. It fit me just perfectly, unlike the Rebel, which fit ok but not perfect. Mine is lowered suspension and low seat and I can nearly flat foot it. That was important to me as well. I wanted to be able to farkle up the bike too and the GS is great that way too. MPGs are great. Accessory options are great. Having a new bike means I am responsible for each mile and all the maintenance so it didn't come with any hidden secrets or issues. When I sit on it it just fits as if it were made for me. That probably isn't much help for your decision making process.

    I suppose thinking about the possible rides I wanted to do on the new bike helped. Dual sport was important. Commuting with luggage was important. Taking longer road trips in out of the box comfort was important. (My husband helps with farkling the bike but the less mods he needed to do the better for me.) Knowing I can put thousands and even hundreds of thousands of miles on this one bike was important. I am not planning to upgrade. (But, then again, I never thought I'd sell the Rebel either.) Getting something new that I could afford was important too. Getting a bike I could flat foot was also important and narrowed my choices considerably. (I'm 5'3".)

    Hope that helps!

  4. Thanks so much for the great information. I find my TU 250 a smidge small and that is why I am looking for the upgrade.

    Initially I thought of the g650gs but have started looking at all my options. I wonder how much I would do off-road, but it would be nice to keep up with Troubadour on his Tiger - in that regard the Monster and Triple are not a good choice.

    I would like to find something I love and feel 'at one' with so that I wouldn't want to trade it in or sell it and feel comfortable so I can build on my skills and abilities. I am still waiting for that 'ah ha' moment when I find the right one.

    I am glad you found one that you enjoy so much.

    Keep on posting on your blog. Your stories and pictures are appreciated.