Friday, January 21, 2011


Not the best photos but I just had to share!!  My yellow seat arrived yesterday!!  I'm in love all over again with this bike!  YAY!!!

I've already received compliments on it!  A guy at the YMCA said "Sweet ride!" as he walked by.  He said he especially liked the fleur de lis.  :-)

Note in the second photo that there is no snow in my parking space.  Guess what!  We have a snow shovel at work.  The roads are actually quite dry.  There were some icy spots on some side roads but nothing that I couldn't avoid easily.  Parking lots are still tricky but I knew I'd be ok at work.  I could always park (illegally) across the way on the sunny side too. (Check out my new half marathon sticker, too!)

I'll post more pictures later.  And, I'll also post later about my new jacket....  :-)


  1. Your bike transition is quite interesting, reminds me of a caterpillar morphing into a sweet (yellow) butterfly. I like it. Maybe we could arrange for our bikes to meet, and let them have little yellow and black beemers.

  2. I agree with SonjaM, it is a delight to watch the metamorphosis going on with your bike. Very nice.

    I wasn't sure about the seat, but it looks great. I look forward to more photos.


  3. Nifty looking saddle. :)

    Looking at your bike all dressed up with it's luggage makes me think you're heading off somewhere "good". Even if thats just around the block, that's good enough for me. (more snow on the way here in NY)