Monday, January 31, 2011

She who hesitates...

2000 Kawasaki KLR 250

  • $2,095
  • Mileage: 44
  • Dark Green
  • Stock No. C-0142

11 year old “brand new” Kawasaki KLR! This bike really only has 44 miles on it, that is not a misprint! The KLR’s are dual sports designed to handles both the road and dirt. As you might expect from the mileage, this bike is in great cosmetic condition as well. It has been stored indoors so it does not have any weather damage or signs of aging.
Currently listed on the Beemers and More web site. I originally saw it on Craig's List but can't find that listing right now.  I wasn't really in the market for another motorcycle but am always looking. :-)  This seems like such a great deal. Hmmmmm.....


  1. If I were in the market, I'd offer $1400, with wiggle room up to as high as $1600. 44 miles is great, but it also means the bike has done a heck of a lot of sitting (and from the Rebel Forum, we know what happens to bikes that sit for a long time...)

  2. What a waste of a good motorcycle to have it sit in the corner for so long. I would be tempted to adopt it, too but it sounds a little overpriced. I would make such a good bike for winter riding...