Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More photos from our trip!

I had every intention of finishing this up long ago but, life gets in the way of blogging darn it all. My sister-in-law and her two boys visited last week. And I found out Friday that I'm being laid off, effective October 1st. And then I got sick. I've been home all week fighting this darn cold that I'm sure I got from the visiting toddlers. Darn them. Luckily, the granddaughter hasn't picked it up (knock on wood.) So, instead of sharing the gory details of the rest of our trip, I'll just share the photos. Really, that's the interesting part, isn't it? :-)

Day 2 in the park we decided to ride the Canyon Rim road from the opposite direction, stopping at the points along the way that we missed the day before. We also stopped to hike to the Devil's Kitchen. My fear of heights really kicked in on day 2. Weird.

It was a bit sandy in places.

This rock offered some shade so we stopped to take some photos.

It was a busy trail. Lots of families hiking around.

We didn't realize it but we were supposed to be heading towards those tall rock formations.

The Devil's Kitchen.

We went too far and had to back track. I started getting weirded out by the trail along the edge. Well, since we went too far I guess it really wasn't the trail! Yikes!

Great views!

The hubby. :-)

It's actually quite cool and shady in the Devil's Kitchen.

Cryptobiological crust on another trail on our way back to the bikes after hiking the Devil's Kitchen Trail.

The hubby. :-)

Relaxing in the shade before gearing up to hit the canyon rim road again.

Have I mentioned the amazing views?

The bikes. :-)

This interpretive panel goes with the view below.
This view goes with the interpretive panel above.

Cooling vest. Best. Invention. Ever.

Shade tree.

Beneath the shade tree. Self portrait.

Lunch spot.

We went back to the pizza place for dinner and cold beers that night. We had the peach pizza and it was so tasty!

On the walk back we wandered a bit through town. There was some music about to happen in the square but we were too tired to sit and enjoy it.

The next day, our anniversary, we traveled to Glenwood Springs. The plan was to drive to Hanging Lake and hike there. But, it was so over crowded we decided to skip it. We live close enough that we can come back some other time. People were parking all crazy on the sidewalks and blocking other cars. We didn't want to fight with them. We did have our anniversary dinner at the local brew pub. And it was good. :-)

Bicyclist out for a poker run.

Lunch was had in Silverthorne at the Mountain Lion Cafe.

Ending mileage.

618 miles. 5 days. 1 national monument. 2 Colorado towns. And a lovely time was had by all!


  1. Really sorry to hear that you are being laid off. That's a poor way to end the summer.

    The views are really amazing! Very nice photos. Thank you for letting us tag along...

  2. First I too have to say I am sorry about the lay off, hopefully something better will be waiting for you.

    And get well soon. Darn the little petri dishes. Kids really are full of germs. Hope you feel better soon and the granddaughter doesn't catch it.

    And I must say those are beautiful pictures. It looks like you guys had such a great time. Amazing views and yummy food. The peach pizza sounds really interesting/tasty.

    I am glad you had such a great anniversary trip.