Sunday, August 26, 2012

Quick Update

Not motorcycle related, directly anyway...

So, after I got laid off, many people were quite upset. Turns out, some of the folks who fund my salary, were not happy. I am paid by at least 3 different grants. One of them decided they couldn't continue to pay my salary. They neglected to inform the other grants or get their input. Those other folks were not happy at all. So, I am currently still employed. Basically, my lay off has been postponed for another 6 months to give me time to continue working on these other projects and to try to come up with a longer term plan for my position. In the meantime, I'm looking for a more stable job.

The good news is, I've been riding a lot more. Riding always makes me less grumpy when I get to work. It's been quite a challenge to remain positive and professional on the job. Motorcycling helps a lot. It also saves me some money being cheaper at the gas pump. And, I'll need to do more of that while my future employment is in question.

The GS went over 22,000 miles last week. My warranty runs out September 12th. I had some stuff checked out after our vacation. I got my clock and odometer fixed. It was a blown fuse. The bike looks great according to the certified BMW techs. :-)

I also added a new sticker to the GS. I took off this sticker from the rear left side panel.
I replaced it with this sticker that I'd been saving since 2009, waiting for the inspiration to come to me as to the best location to place it.

 The Forester just rolled over 17,000 miles yesterday. :-) Oh, and did I tell you that my lovely hubby got rid of the dead Bronco in our driveway? I can now park the Forester in the driveway! Woo hoo! We are down to three cars in front of our house (that's down from 5). Our pseudo son-in-law has been using the small truck since the grandbaby came. We've just learned that he is skilled at tile work and plumbing tasks. We may have a chat with him about exchanging some of that work for the truck. We've got lots of projects in the hopper.... Could be a win-win for everyone. :-)

The hubby and I had our first official co-babysitting night last night. Little Ava has hit a constant crying stage it seems. She screams more for her mother (of course) than for others. Her mother is quite exhausted. Here she is, as cute as can be, while she's not crying. :-)

Happy trails folks!


  1. Nice that you have some support for at least a few more months. But hopefully you'll be able to find something more stable soon.

    The new sticker looks great on the bike. After all, BMW has plenty of other unpaid advertisements on the bike.
    And I'm guessing that you survived the baby sitting gig...

  2. Wow, you have been busy. I am glad that employment is still there for you at least for a little while. I hope it works itself out of you find something even better.

    Our Forester we've had sine last March and we have only 12,000 miles on it, and 1,000 of those because of the two trips to Seattle recently.

    Oh and little Ava is a doll - when not crying of course........