Sunday, September 23, 2012

Aeostich Womens Roadcrafter

Does anyone have any Aerostich riding gear? Aerostich now has Roadcrafter suits in women's sizes. I've been looking into getting one of these for a while but without the ability to try to them on (plus the cost) I just couldn't really justify it. Now that there come in women's sizes, it might be worth a trip to try one on.

I've been wearing Olympia gear for a while now. I have winter gear and summer gear. My summer gear is getting quite worn. I'd like to get some new pants and a new jacket. But, keeping in mind my interest in the Roadcrafter suit, I thought I'd wait until I really needed something new before buying more mesh gear. I just looked up the cost of the Olympia gear to compare it to the cost of the Roadcrafter suit. My two sets of gear from Olympia would cost about $1,200 to replace both. The Roadcrafter women's suit is $897 (currently on sale for $807 - 10% off). I think I'd need to go there and try one on. It would be a nice 16 hour or so trip. Maybe for our next anniversary road trip. :-)
Not much between here and there. But, I'm sure I can find something interesting along the route. :-)

I'd love to get a hi viz yellow one with black ballistics. :-)


  1. Troubadour has the Aerostich AD1 pants and absolutely loves them. He ordered a jacket on clearance but the size was wrong so they took it back. They were great with customer service.

    If you are thinking of the suit you might want to call them and discuss your sizing as they can do it custom too as far as leg length and arm length etc. Or you can give them your measurements and they can let you know the size that would work best depending on what you plan to wear underneath.

    I have heard nothing but good things about Aerostich. We just got their most recent flier in the mail and I noticed they were advertising the women's sizes. I am glad they chose to do that.

  2. You may want to contact Chris @EverydayRiding as he just picked up the Roadcrafter Light. He was going to write a review once he's had it for a while. I am seriously thinking the same thing as I need to replace both my riding jacket and pants this winter and the Roadcrafter seems to have such a loyal following.

    When I taught a workshop in Rhode Island a while back, one of the students (year around commuter on his Sportster) had one and said that it was the best investment he's ever made. Very well made and still waterproof after daily use for almost five years. Plus he could put it on or off in about twenty seconds.