Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Road trip planning

So, I've already changed one minor detail. We won't be staying in Caineville. It's closer to home but there are no restaurants in this little town. So, we will drive to the other side of the park and stay in Torrey, UT at Austin's Chuckwagon Motel. Oh yeah! We are going all out on this adventure! They have smaller rooms with a queen bed for $55 a night with air conditioning and private bathrooms. Torrey seems to have many restaurant options as well. On our anniversary we like to be able to talk to dinner and not have to gear up and ride anywhere. All we really need for these trips is air conditioning, burgers, beer and an occasional steak. We should be good to go in Torrey I think.

Here are some links about the town and area.

Next up, I need to hit up the library for some books with hiking trails and scenic drives. :-)


  1. Some nice videos of the trails within Capitol Reef. Have you gotten the second dual sport bike so you can do a little exploring? Or are you going to leave him at the visitor's center while you're exploring the back country? ;-)

    It looks like a great trip. I can't wait until I can explore the Utah Parks again.

  2. No second dual sport... not yet anyway. ;-)

  3. Good choice. No fun stay staying somewhere where there are no food options.

    I too prefer not to get back on the bike when stopped for the night. In fact last year in Eastern Oregon I cheated when we had to get back on to ride to dinner with the rest of the group and hopped on the back of Troubadours bike. He's so good to me.