Thursday, June 9, 2016

9th Anniversary Road Trip Plans

Our plans are made and lodging is booked! We will venture out but stay closer to home this year. Home base will be the Starlite Classic Campground in Canon City, CO. We have booked this vintage trailer for our three night stay! The plan of course is to ride there but hubby recently hurt his back and I have been having hip issues this year as well so, we will see how we feel. My hip has been doing better and it hasn't bothered me at all these last couple of commutes, so that's a great thing. Hubby hasn't started his back PT yet though. No worries, if we can't ride we will drive. Won't be the first time.

With our lodging in Canon City there are quite a few things we can do in the area that we have never done before. That's still our rule for our anniversary. It's becoming less strict as we get older. Now it really only has to be one thing and not the whole trip. And the vintage RV counts for the one thing. But, we will likely visit one or more of these places as well, weather permitting:

The May Natural History Museum

Seven Falls

Cave of the Winds

Maybe we will eat here!

Maybe take the train up Pikes Peak. We've driven but have never done the train.

And there is the Gold Belt Scenic Byway tour. I don't think we've done that before.

Lots of museums to see as well. We won't be lacking for things to do that's for sure. :-)

Those are all places we've never been. We've done the bigger attractions like, Royal Gorge, Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, USAF, etc. I'm looking forward to being off work and spending time with my hubby. :-)

9 years! Where did the time go?


  1. Congratulations on 9 years! I remember being in CaƱon City a couple of years ago. We went to Royal Gorge.

    I like the vintage offerings of the RV park.

  2. Fun, the vintage trailer looks really neat. I am sure you will have fun whether you get to ride there or not, it is all about being together.