Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dusted off the Moto!

Well guess who dusted off the moto and commuted to work? Yep, this gal!

I had lots of service done since the bike had been sitting for so long, neglected even (BMW = bring my wallet). I had the bike completely gone over. It was given a clean bill of health. On the drive home from the dealership, it died once. What the heck?! I parked it and the weather turned and I didn't get around to riding it for about a month.

This weekend, I dusted it off and took it for a long ride. My thought was perhaps there was bad gas from letting the bike sit so long. Hubby drained the tank and filled it with new gas and I hit the road. It wasn't a terribly long ride, about 50 miles, probably less. The bike did fine. I met hubby for lunch and decided to stay out for a few more miles. On that ride, the bike died again! Four times on my way home! Grrrr!

Super frustrating!

Later that afternoon, hubby did some research and came across lots of other 2009 G650GS owners with similar troubles. Here is what he found:
"From what I've read, it seems that the throttle position sensor gets calibrated every time the bike is powered on -not started. So if the throttle is actuated while this is happening, it corrupts the data that the computer uses to adjust fuel delivery. So sometimes rolling off the throttle coming to a stop, the computer reduces the actuation of the injector to a level lower than is required to maintain the engine running. Don't know if that is actually true, but it sounds good."

So, today I decided to ride to work and try a few tips he found online, namely not touching the throttle when I hit the start button. And... so far so good. 

More riding tomorrow is the plan.

Woot! Back in the saddle again!  


  1. All that computer stuff seems to make things more complicated. I'm glad that you may have found a solution. Nice to see a blog entry, welcome back!

  2. Hooray for even short rides. Boo for it crapping out on the ride. At least it kept starting and managed to get you home. Let's hope it is just the TPS and not some other electric gremlin.

  3. Hope the tips keep your rolling and less frustrated :) Good tips are always nice.

  4. Thanks all! It's good to be back. :-) I rode again this morning and so far so good.