Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Summer Riding Goals

Winter is upon us, again, and by winter I mean actual cold temperatures and snow flying, you know, bad riding conditions. Now that it is here, it's a good time to think about some riding goals. I have two main goals. 1.) Take a riding class with the new GS. 2.) Old Fall River Road through Rocky Mountain National Park. Additional goals would be to take a longer trip with my hubby and my sister-in-law and her hubby, perhaps to New Mexico, find some dirt trails to ride on, maybe a camping trip, and add more farkles to the bike.

1.) Riding class
There are a few options out there. T3RG Motorcycle School has many options including a Total Control advanced class, in addition to the MSF Experienced Rider Course. I've done the ERC on the Rebel. I liked it but could have probably done something else at the time. But I think the ERC would be perfect for the GS right now. I'll probably look into that one first. And probably through Abate since that's were we've done them in the past. It's close to home and I liked the instructors there.

2.) Old Fall River Road
10,640 feet and dirt. Could be scary. Could be fun. I usually don't like my fun to be scary. It's good though that this ride would have to wait until later in the season after the snow is all gone. I'll have many more miles on the GS by the time I attempt it.

I've seen a ride report of a dirt trek out to Albuquerque. I wonder if I bookmarked that one... Ok, it wasn't dirt but still will be worthwhile for future reference.

Some dirt roads to ride on, well I've got the books and the maps to guide me. That should be easy. And there was some talk of the Switzerland Trail....definitely on the short list. I could probably do that on a long lunch break. :-)

Camping sounds fun too. Although, I think I may be getting to old to sleep on the ground and like it. Might have to reconsider or reformulate that one.

Farkles. :-) That list is always changing and growing. My new taller windshield has arrived. More on that later, when I get some sunshine for better photos. Hubby is working on my trunk and mount. (He's the best!) I've decided to go with some yellow Pelican cases for saddlebags. Mostly because they are yellow and because they can be purchased for a lot less than the aluminum ones. It's good to have a handy hubby who enjoys working on the farkles. (Did I mention that he's the best? Because he is.) At some point I'd like to add more lights. It's good to be visible. Aside from those things, the rest might just be gravy.

Motogear Outlet is having their winter clearance this Saturday! Woot! I've got my eye on some non-mesh riding pants. I don't think I need anything else though. But, we'll see. :-)

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