Friday, January 8, 2010

MSF Course

I've enrolled in the MSF Advanced Rider Course. There are two courses I was considering - the Experienced Rider Course (ERC) or the Advanced Rider Course (ARC). I've taken the ERC on the Rebel. Hubby and I took it at the start of last season (I think) to get the bugs out before the full time riding season began. It was a good course for that but it did rehash some of the BRC exercises. But, I thought it would be good to take it again with the new GS. I thought it would help me get more comfortable on the GS as I transitioned from the Rebel. But, then I saw this ARC and wondered if that would be more appropriate. Today I gave them a call to find out what the difference was between the two.

The description of the ARC is:

Based on the Military SportBike RiderCourse, this one-day course is for experienced riders who desire to learn and practice more in-depth riding techniques. Classroom activities use small group discussions and interactive activities to address personal risk management strategies; to discuss options for cornering, braking and swerving; and to improve visual perception to identify collision traps. On-cycle range exercises provide practice in cornering, braking and swerving. There is no skill test in this course.

The description of the ERC is:
EXPERIENCED RIDER COURSE (ERC) Cost: $100 Resident - $125 Non-Resident

Prerequisites: (M ENDORSEMENT REQUIRED) A valid motorcycle license, your own street legal motorcycle (motorcycle will be subject to a safety inspection), current registration and proof of insurance for the motorcycle used in the training. This one-day course is designed for the licensed rider with a year or more road experience. The course helps the experienced rider improve riding skills and increases riding enjoyment by developing the mental and physical skills found lacking in the accident involved rider. Many major insurance carriers recognize this course for discounts. Completion of the basic course is not a prerequisite for this class. Maximum of 12 participants per section. If your motorcycle club is interested in scheduling a special seminar for your members, please contact ABATE of Colorado.

After talking to the instructor this is what I learned. It seems the ERC is for the person with some experience, some one who has not taken the BRC or who has but wants a refresher course. It is geared, I think, towards riders who either have lots of riding experience but little formal training or riders with some formal training but not as much experience. The ARC seems to be geared more towards folks who have lots of experience and formal training but want to take a higher level course that pushes your training a bit more. I talked to the instructor about both classes and he sort of evaluated me over the phone and said he thought I could do either. "Experienced" is sort of a relative term I suppose. He suggested I try out the ARC, after considering my current level of comfort, and if it didn't work out, if I didn't feel comfortable or the instructor thought I was pushing myself too much, I could instead switch to the ERC. I asked if there would be other ARC course offered later in the year. Right now there is only one listed in my area. He said he didn't know because they hadn't had very many folks enrolling and that would determine if they'd offer it later. So, once he said that, I thought I'd enroll in the ARC just in case the opportunity didn't present itself again.

So, one of my goals is in motion. :-) The course is in March. March is the 2nd snowiest month for us. So, fingers crossed.


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