Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snowy and Freezing

I haven't been riding all this month! Wow! The weather has been, well, very winter like. What's up with that? I know we shouldn't complain, since it is February, but, I do. Grrrrrrr!  Should be in the 50s this weekend and for the start of next week. Maybe I'll get a ride in then. It's below freezing now but the sun is shinning brightly and the roads are a lot better this afternoon than they were this morning when I tried to drive to work. I actually turned around. I just had this horrible feeling that I wasn't going to make it to work. I was either going to get stuck trying to get up the hill or be run off the road. And neither sounded appealing. My warm house sounded much better. And as my previous supervisor used to tell us - it ain't brain surgery. I'm not saving lives in my working life as an archivist and librarian. So, I called in for unsafe driving conditions. Day 2. Ugh. Last week was similar but much colder. We nearly  had a frozen pipe incident but luckily I was home and caught it in time.

I miss my GS..... I actually went into the garage this morning to say hello to it. It's cold in the garage.


  1. Glad you were able to avoid frozen pipes. That can get messy and expensive very fast with both cleanup and repair. But at least it sounds like warmer weather is coming fast. We still have several more months of winter weather. That was a funny comment "it ain't brain surgery" as many areas of a typical university have a completely different opinion of their job functions. I usually hear phrases such as "irreplaceable" or "critical".

    Hope things warm up for you. After all, you now need a new header shot...


  2. Allaina:

    while we have no snow, it is cold and frosty in the morning, so can't commute. It seldom goes below freezing but in early December 2010 we had a cold snap for about a week and I also had a frozen pipe. Luckily I caught it in time too.

    Wet Coast Scootin

  3. Richard: Those terms also are bounced around but I don't fall into either category. If a disaster happens that affects my collections then I'll be there but otherwise, I can work form home or take a day of leave if I choose. I hope that will always be the case. :-) And you are so right! I was just thinking that I need a new header shot!

    Bob: Good on ya for catching that frozen pipe. There was a lot of that going around last week.

  4. Looking forward to a warm up here. I went down to the garage and visited my Symba last night. I pushed her outside and let her run for a while. Hopefully, this weekend I can ride. . .

    And, hopefully so can you.