Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring-like weather!

Woo hoo!! This week should be a fabulous week for riding! Low 60s for the high temps. Still quite chilly in the morning but I can handle that. Just means I'll actually go to work and be less likely to play hooky. Well, we'll see...

On my way home today I stopped at the pull out where I took the blog photo. I took this shot with my iPhone Gorrilacam app. It has a timer and also a setting for multiple shots. I set it to take three photos using the timer so I could run to my bike and hop on. Came out pretty ok. :-)

After I shot a few photos, I rode some laps in the dirt. It's a fairly large area with some different terrain - ruts, rocks, soft spots, etc. It was pretty fun. I practiced making the bike swerve by shifting my weight while standing on the pegs.

I've got three meetings tomorrow but my one meeting on Wednesday was canceled. Maybe I'll play hooky on Wednesday. :-)


  1. Nice self- portrait. The sky provides a lot of contrast with your bike. Do you use the GorillaPod with the iPhone or just the app? Did you ever end up taking the off-road riding class you had mentioned in one of your posts? I think it was somewhere around Atlanta...


  2. Hi Richard:
    No GorillaPod with the iPhone. I propped it up on some rocks. I have an Otter box cover on the iPhone so it has a sticky rubber shell to protect it and provide some grip as well.

    And no, I didn't take that off-road class in Atlanta. We didn't have enough time to do all the things I wanted on that trip but I'm still on the look out for another. I did buy some dual sport DVDs with some training exercises on them.

  3. Nice blog. Enjoyed your trip to Devil's Tower. Sold our bikes decades ago (kids) and now ride 2up on a 250 Vespa which we carry on our RV. Your blog, though, gives me the itch.
    --Jon & Alana

  4. Hooray for spring like weather.

    Glad you had some sunshine for riding. Great pic too - nice composition. So glad you got to go and play for a bit. No fun to be all work and no play.

  5. I think the photo came out very "pretty ok".

    Glad your riding. The weather here in St. Louis has been great the last couple of days.

    May we both get some quality saddle time in.


  6. Love the angle of your self portrait, and all the yellow features on your bike ;-)

  7. Thanks everyone for the compliments on the photo. I'm no photographer. That was pure luck. But, I'll take it! :-) Mostly I just try to make sure the bike is more or less centered in the photo.

    Houn: Thanks for reading my little blog. A Vespa and an RV sounds like the way to go!

    Trobairitz: I was tempted to play hooky tomorrow but I'm already taking Friday off so... maybe a long lunch ride will have to do.

    Keith: I am looking forward to the spring time for sure! But, a storm should be coming in on Friday.

    Sonja: I am loving the yellow!! I've got one more accessory, a tool tube, but we haven't decided where to put it yet.

  8. Allaina:

    I'm glad you managed to get out and practice your offroad skills, of which I have none. My bike is too heavy for dirt and gravel.

    and don't play Hoooookey, we don't want you to have fun while we slave away

    Riding the Wet Coast