Friday, July 8, 2011

Police Style Motorcycle Training

I'm registered for this class. It's tomorrow and Sunday. I'm looking forward to being pushed outside of my comfort zone and learning new things. :-)

Civilian Top Gun Training

Sharpen your slow riding skills and you will greatly improve your overall skills.

This motorcycle riding course, as presented by former police motor officer/trainer Don “Top” Gunn, concentrates on the low-speed maneuvers taught to police officers for the purposes of increasing riding proficiency as well as confidence. Learn to operate a motorcycle at its limits, with emphasis on turning in the smallest area, use of transmission, clutch and brakes for the highest level of control, and practice maximum braking and brake-and-escape maneuvers. Smaller-sized training bikes are used the first day of this two-day course; students are encouraged to use their own (safe, street-legal) bike on the second day. This course is for experienced riders only.

I hope the weather holds. We've been having some pretty wicked thunderstorms this week.I got stuck waiting for one to pass at the end of the work day yesterday. Hubby drove out to meet me for dinner to help pass the time.

I'll report back on the training class in a few days after I process it all. :-)

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  1. I was wondering if you had opted to take this class. Looking forward to your report on the class.

    Have fun!