Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 1 - Arvada, CO to Torrington, WY

We were on the road, after a stop at Starbucks and a fill up, at about 9am. It's nice not having a schedule to keep. About 200 miles this first day allowed us to take our time and stop for photos if we wanted. The weather was much cooler than it had been the last two weeks. That was nice! Tim didn't need the cooling vest until after we had lunch in Cheyenne.

Torrington was our planned stopping point. I'd made reservations at the Holiday Inn. Oh, sweet sweet air conditioning! We checked in about 3:00. There is a two screen movie theater in town so we went to see "Inception" and then had dinner. It was a nice way to spend the first evening.

Saw lots of motorcyclists on the road.

The bike to bike helmet communication devices are great!

So far the GS is doing great. I will definitely need a bead seat or something for the next trip. The GL has a loose cable or something causing the temp gauge to stop working some times. And the horn beeped on its own once too. And one side case is stuck locked fortunately this happened after the stuff was taken out. Bummer.

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