Saturday, July 31, 2010

Devils Tower Trip Report - Sunday, Day 1

Our route on day 1:
Here we are ready for the road. Windscreens cleaned, load secured, photos taken by my friend the Captain who happened to be in town and was happy to stay at our house while we were away.

You can see the reflective panel on my side cases. They are yellow and reflect back as yellow I think. There is also black reflective tape on the cases and my reflective Rounders stickers too. And a non-reflective white Saints fleur de lis as well.

And away we go!

Well, to Starbucks first....It was at Starbucks that I remembered to mark down our starting mileage. We were only about 2 miles from home so it was official enough. That's 7,215 miles on the odometer on my GS.

Here we are at the Wyoming and Colorado state line. Woo hoo! Our first new state on the motos! :-)

Much of the roads on this day looked like this image below. Long and straight. Still, the plains are very beautiful and interesting as well.

We left home on Sunday, July 25th headed for Torrington, WY where I'd made a reservation at the Holiday Inn there. I thought it would be a good idea to have a first stop planned out and I think that was a good plan. We were tired mostly from the heat I think. It was a good time to stop and it kept us from pushing to hard on that first day. Torrington is a small town with not a whole lot going on especially on a Sunday evening. We found one restaurant open and also managed to see a movie. It was a nice leisurely start to the trip. The cold cold air conditioning at the Holiday Inn was definitely worth the $100 we spent on the room. Well, I think so anyway. :-)

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